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3. Replace logo and logo_nm (Shelby wheels). 4. If you want the rims from 3rd picture do this: Download HQ-B Rims Pack #2. @th3_kill is it possible to use shelby mustang super snake mod on my Role-play server this car is in high demand from our members, and would like to know if we can. Even though Ford is proudly using the Shelby name to give meaning to their new GT Mustang, the company that Carroll Shelby built is still plowing This is officially the first RHD (right hand drive) Shelby Super Snake to hit Australian shores and it definitely came to play with over HP coming.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Super Snake Mustang, Shelby built the latest Mustang Super Snake on the liter GT. The GT designation is gone for now and rumored to return in The Shelby Super Snake uses the liter Coyote . Used Ford Shelby Super Snake For Sale. A Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake for sale is a chance to own a piece of Carroll Shelby's bold spirit enclosed in a cobra-studded powerhouse. Since the first Super Snake version of the Mustang debuted in , this car has fascinated Ford Mustang fans worldwide.

Super Snake. Именно так называется новый пакет динамических модификаций для Ford Mustang GT следующего года от Shelby. Еще одна яркая премьера будущего автосалона в Нью-Йорке.

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